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Hakba Valley Kashimayari | Hakuba, Nagano

Hakuba Valley Kashimayari


Hakuba Valley Kashimayari (often known just as Kashimayari) is located in the northern region of Omachi city, just to the south of Hakuba village. It is the southern gateway of Hakuba area. Kashimayari is a medium sized ski resort which has 15 courses, 9 lifts, a vertical drop of 720m (1550m - 830m), and longest distance of 5,000m.

Kashimayari consist of two areas. "Nakatsuna" stretches from bottom to mid part of the ski resort which has a downhill course of 2,000m length. "Chuo(Central)" is located in the upper part of the ski resort (1180m-830m)and have two peaks, "Mt. North" and "Mt. West". The former is a major slope of Kashimayari which has nice wide slopes and highest elevation(1,550m). The latter has tree-run zone and mogul courses. These two areas share same base center called "Central 1130" which has simple accommodation, restaurant and Onsen(hot spring) facility.

Basic Information

Courses 15
Longest run 5,000m
Area 78ha
Elevation 630-1,550m
Open19th Dec(2020)

Course ratio



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  • You can enjoy great views on fine days across the lake and surrounding mountains, especially from "Mt.West".
  • Compared to other skin resorts in Hakuba, the crowds at Kashimayari are less.
  • "Ippon buna down hill course " is a one of the attractive slopes in Hakuba area.
  • "Omachi Onsen" is near from Kashimayari. You can enjoy skiing, while staying at high quality Japanese Onsen ryokan.
  • Simple accommodation is available at "Central1130". It has Onsen facility offers superb mountain views.


  • Length of beginner slopes is not so long.
  • Compared to other ski resot in Hakuba area, access from major city is not so convenient.

Kashimayari's recommneded courses

Central area(1550m - 1130m)

"Mt. North" in the central area is a main slope of the Kashimayari which offers a variety of slopes for all level skiers from beginner to advanced. The most recommended is "Course 1-A(length: 1,100 m, gradient: Max.28° Avg.16°° ) . It is wide, moderate slope in which intermediate can enjoy the long turn and also suitable for their training. Course 10(length: 980m, gradient: Max.28°Avg.20 ° ) which is located in the highest part offers spectacular views over Lake Aokiko. Courses of "Mt.West" are mainly for advanced skiers. "Course 5-B" (length: 950 m, gradient:Max.35° Avg. 21° ) and "Course 5-C"(length: 950 m, gradient:Max.38° Avg. 23°) are basically mogul courses. In the south side of the "Course 5-A" recently tree-run zone has opened.

Nakatsuna area (1135m to 830m)

"Nakatsuna area" has a popular long downhill course and a gentle slope for beginner at the base of the ski resort. The highlight of this area is "Ippon buna down hill course"(length: 1,100 m, gradient: Max.28°Avg.16°) offers a rich variety of geographical features let skier enjoy exciting turns. It stretches from the mid part to the foot of the ski resort. At the base of the ski resort there is "Nakatsuna beginner slope"(length: 450 m, gradient: Max.12°Avg. 10°) and "Base camp1" which has a restaurant.

Hakuba Valley Basuc Information

Lift ticket charge

TypeAdult6~15 yeasr oldunder 5 years old
1 DayJPY4,000JPY2,100Free
AM ticketJPY3,500JPY1,000Free
PM tiecketJPY3,500JPY1,000Free




Kurosawa Kogen, Kashimayari, Taira, Omachi-Shi, Nagano 398-0001

Access to Kashimayari


To get to Kashimayari from Tokyo, the most convenient method is JR limited express train, Azusa. Only one daily service plies directly to Hakuba area, the "Azusa No.5," which departs at 08:00 from Shinjuku station and arrives at Shinano-Omachi station at 11:15. After that traveler can transfer to free shuttle bus to Kashimayari which takes around 45 minutes. The total journey time from Tokyo to Kashimayari is around 4.5 hours, including the time to change from the high speed train to bus. If taking any limited express train other than "Azusa No.5," travelers will need to transfer to a local train at Matsumoto station. In that case additional 30-60 min is required. There are free shuttle buses from the Happo bus terminal (via Echoland) to Kashimayari. The name of the line is "Omachi Line"(HV-1), Travellar can visit Kashimayari a day trip from the central Hakuba area.

Kashimayari's accommodation

The ski center house "Central 1130" has a simple accommodation with 8-bed dorm rooms and several private twin and quad rooms. You can stay there with inexpensive prince. Near the bottom of the slope of Kashimayari there is "Nakatsuna Minshuku village" which has around 15 simple accommodations, Most of them are simple Japanese inn and there is no western hotel. Another option is staying at "Omachi-Onsen" village which lies in the southern part of Hakuba and possesses several high grade Onsen-Ryokan (Japanese Onsen inns). From Omachi Onsen, a shuttle bus to the Kashimayari ski resorts is available, taking around 20 minutes.