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Hakba Norikura | Hakuba(Otari), Nagano

Hakuba Norikura Onsen Ski resort


Hakuba Norikura Onsen ski resort is located in Otari village, to the north of Hakuba village, between Tsugaike-kogen and Hakuba cortina. Often it is simply known as "Hakunori". Hakuba Norikura is a medium sized ski resort which has 12 courses, 6 lifts, vertical drop of 600m (1300m - 700m), and longest distance of 2,500m. Hakuba Norikura is a kind of old style traditional Japanese ski resort and not westernized like Happo-one ski resort. We can say it is one of the advantages of Hakuba Norikura. And Hakuba Norikura is less crowd compared to other ski resort in Hakuba area. The ski resort is spread out horizontally and there are two main zones. "Wakaguri zone" is the main area of the ski resort which has a variety of slopes from beginner to advanced skier can enjoy.

. Especially main slope is excellent for beginners. "Satomi zone" is smaller and connected to Cortina ski resort. In front of the main slope there is a ski-in,ski-out hotel-"Hakuba Alps Hotel" which offers comfortable rooms and Onsen (hot springs). Hakuba Norikura is interconnected with Cortina which is very famous for powder off-piste run. The common lift ticket to access both ski areas is available.

Basic Information

Courses 14
Longest run 2,500m
Elevation 700-1,300m

Course ratio



9 ropewaygondralift_4
0 0 0
0 9 00


  • Beginner slopes are wide and gentle. One of the best ski resorts for beginner in Hakuba area.
  • Less crowd and not so much westernized compared to other resort in Hakuba area.
  • On the powder day Hakuba Norikura is more peaceful than other ski resorts. You may have a chance to enjoy no-track.
  • The common ticket to ski both Hakuba Norikura and Cortina is available, They are interconnected.
  • The western style ski-in, ski-out "Hakuba Alps hotel" is convenient and offers nice onsen facilities.
  • Because of the northern location in the Hakuba area, it tends to have a little more snow.


  • Hakuba Norikura itself is not particularly large, if Cortina is included it is big enough to enjoy.
  • Availability of long cruising course is limited.
  • There is no tree-run zone.
  • For overnight guests, availability of night life such as restaurants and bars are limited,

Hakuba Norikura's snow

Because of following two reasons Hakuba Norikura can have more fresh powder snow than other resorts in Hakuba. Firstly, Hakuba Norikura is located on the northern part of Hakuba area, it tends to have a little more snow. Secondly, since Hakuba Norikura is sandwiched by valleys, It is less affected by the winds. The light, fresh powder can be remained in the ski area without being blown away, while in other ski resorts such as Happo one, even if it snows, it is often be blown away by strong winds.

Hakuba Norikura's on-piste slope


(Right)Wakaguri Central slope (Upper Left)Rabbit course(Lower Left) Kamoshika course

Hakuba Norikura offers plenty of on-piste slopes for all level skiers from beginner to expert can enjoy. Most of them are wide and comfortable. Especially Wakaguri Central slope (Length:700m, gradient:Max.18 Ave.15 ) is the most recommended for beginners and intermediates. Although it is indicated as beginner course, it has gradient of average 15°and even advanced skier can enjoy drawing carved long turn on the wide well groomed terrain. Rabbit course(Length:1150m, gradient:Max.30 Ave.18 ) is an upper portion of Wakaguri Central slope, in which intermediate can enjoy high speed carved long turn and glide into WEakaguri Central slope. Kamoshika course (Length:12000m, gradient:Max.25 Ave.20 ) is also nice well groomed intermediate slope.

Hakuba Norikura's off-piste slope


Sky View Slope located on the highest part in the resort

Sky View Slope(Length:500m, gradient:Max.38 Ave.25 ) is located on the highest part of the Hakuba Norikura. It is really wide open off piste which attracts powder hounds. In the Snake course (Length:700m, gradient:Max.30 Ave.25 ) which is located in the left side of the Wakaguri area, you can enjoy powder-run feeling the atmosphere like "back countyy". On the powder day after heavy snowfall many skiers descend on the ski resort such as Cortina and Happo-one. Hakuba Norikura is more peaceful than them, you may have chances to enjoy fresh powder in comparison.

Hakuba Norikura's begiiner slope


Wakaguri forest course (Length:800m, gradient:Max.10 Ave.5 )

Hakuba Norikura also offer excellent beginner slope. Family course(Length:750m, gradient:Max.10 Ave.5 ) is the most gentle slope in Hakuba Norikura and the most suitable for beginner who ski for the first time. Wakaguri forest course (Length:800m, gradient:Max.10 Ave.5 ) is also a good slope for beginners. Since it is surrounded by tall trees, the wind is weaker than other courses even on bad weather days. It is especially important for small children to enjoy comfortable skiing. The other advantage of this course is direct access to the Alps Hotel which has a function as a ski center house.

Hakuba Norikura Basic Information

Lift ticket charge

TypeAdult 6~12 year oldunder 5 years old
1 Day JPY4,100 JPY2,600円Free
4 hours JPY3,200 JPY2,100Free

Common ticket Cortina/Haku-nori

TypeAdult 6~12 year oldunder 5 years old
1 Day JPY5,000 JPY3,500Free

Official Website




Hakuba-norikura-kogen,Otari-mura,Kitaazumi-gun, Nagano, 399-9422

Access to Hakuba Norikura


The most popular route from Tokyo to Hakuba Norikura is a combination of hig speed train and bus via Nagano station. The high speed train (Hokuriku Shinkansen) from Tokyo to Nagano takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes at a cost of JPY 8340 for reserved seats, which is followed by a 90 minute bus ride to Happo bus terminal. The total journey time from Tokyo to the Happo bus terminal is around three to three and a half hours, including the time to change from high speed trainto bus. From Happo bus terminal you can take shuttle bus bound for Otari called "Otari shuttle bus" and get to Hakuba Norikura, It takes around 25 minutes and fee is JPY510.

Hakuba Norikura's Accommodation

The Hakuba Norikura features a western style ski-in, ski-out hotel, Hakuba Alps Hotel which has excellent onsen and swimming pool. The Norikura village which has two areas and total around 30 accommodation are spread out across the bottom of the Norikura slopes. Most of them are simple pensions or minshuku (Japanese inns). There are very few restaurants in this area. The bus which goes to the Happo area during night time called "Otari night bus" is available. Since shuttle bus service which runs thru Hakuba major accommodation areas and ski resort is available, it is no problem to stay in the other accommodation area such as Happo, Tsugaike and visit Hakuba Norikura as a day trip.。