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Hakba Cortina | Hakuba(Otari), Nagano

Hakuba Cortina Ski resort


The Hakuba Cortina ski resort is located in the village of Otari, 10 km north of Hakuba. Being located in the northern part of Hakuba region, it receives relatively more and better snow than other resorts in the area. Boasting heavy snowfall and a wide range of off-piste course trails, the Cortina has a well-earned reputation, especially among powder lovers, although its attractions are contained within a relatively small area of 50 ha. On the day following heavy snowfall, a so-called "big powder day," many powder lovers head to the Cortina and eagerly await their chance to enjoy the slopes.

The Hakuba Cortina's "powder competition" has become fiercer by the year. The terrain is enclosed within a single bowl, which contains several customised and convenient, well-groomed courses for beginners and intermediates. The Hakuba Cortina is interlinked with the Hakuba Norikura ski resort (which can be accessed via a combined lift ticket). In front of the main slope, a western style ski-in,ski-out hotel—"Hotel Green Plaza Hakuba," offers comfortable rooms and acess to onsen (hot springs). The resort can be reached from Hakuba's centre in approximately 20 minutes by car or by using the Hakuba valley shuttle-bus.

Basic Information

Courses 16
Longest run 3,500m
Elevation 872-1,402m

Course Ratio



6 ropewaygondralift_4
0 0 2
0 4 00


  • The Hakuba Cortina gets relatively more and better snow than other resorts in the area, thus offering frequent oppportunities to enjoy fresh powder.
  • Tree runs are permitted in a "self responsible area" beyond the main specified courses.
  • Off-piste policy is more relaxed than that of other ski resorts in Hakuba.
  • The off-piste "Hiedayama 2nd/3rd" slope is one of the best in the area, allowing skiers to enjoy a wide, long, and steep slope.
  • The Hakuba Cortina is interlinked with the Hakuba Norikura ski resort (a combined lift ticket for the two resorts is required).
  • The panoramic view from the vantage point of the resort is spectacular.
  • Several superior and comfortably wide slopes are available for beginners and kids.
  • The western style ski-in, ski-out "Hotel Green Plaza Hakuba" is convenient and offers extensive facilities and meals.


  • On the day after a heavy snowfall (a big powder day), many skiers descend on the Hakuba Cortina, thus causing endless long queues at the lifts. Many of them gathered in advance to wait for their chance.
  • On weekends, the main Ikenotaira trail can be crowded.
  • Although there are plenty of steep slopes for expert skiers and gentle slopes for beginners, intermediate skiers may find that there are limited long cruising trails designed for them.
  • Typical of numerous Japanese ski resorts, the nightlife is negligible (a night bus transits to the central area of Hakuba, but this occurs on a limited timetable).

Recommended off-piste runs and tips for Hakuba Cortina

Highlights of the Hakuba Cortina include the quality and volume of powder snow, as well as the abundance of off-piste slopes and tree trails in the "self responsible area." On a powder day after heavy snowfall, many skiers descend on the Hakuba Cortina, which has emerged as the leader in the fierce competition of skiing on fresh powder. Many skiers begin to form a queue at the lifts many hours prior to the start of operations. Therefore, it is adivisable to arrive as early as possible to secure the best opportunity of enjoying fresh powder.


(Left)Hiedayama #2 run (Upper right)Hiedayama #2 run  (Lower right)On the Hiedayama #3 run you can enjoy long powder riding

On a powder day, skiers are advised to head to the peak of the resort by getting on the Cortina #2 quad lift and Cortina #4 pair lift. From there, the best off-piste slopes in the Hakuba area can be enjoyed. The Hiedayama #2 run (length:688m, gradient:Avg.36° is the steepest slope in Cortina, thus allowing one to enjoy a long off-piste slope of approximately 700m. With a maximum gradient of 42°, one can muster enough speed to float in the deep powder. The Hiedayama #3 run (length: 690m, gradient: Avg.27°) is located next to Hiedayama #2, and it is likewise a long and wide off-piste slope. These two courses are the most popular off-piste slope in the Hakuba Cortina, and their fresh powder disappears rapidly. Of course, the culmination of these course trails leads one back to the base of the resort, so you have to again take two lifts (#2 quad lift and #4 pair lift) to reach the peak.


Yellow colored slopes are basically off-piste

The Hiedayama #1 run (length:640m, gradient:Avg.23°) also offers superb off-piste skiing. This course is only partially groomed, with the remainder of the course being left to be an off-piste trail. The gradient is not too steep, allowing skiers to enjoy a comfortable off-piste run. The Itadaira run (length: 600m, gradient: Avg.266°) provides another off-piste experience. We recommend these two courses for those who are a novice in off-piste skiing. An advantage of these two courses is that their culmination points are close to the #4 pair lift, which returns one to the top of the resort. This allows them access to all the off-piste slopes on the upper part of the mountain without having to return to the base of the resort. Whether you wish to enjoy extreme powder runs on the Hiedayama #2 or #3 courses or efficient runs on Hiedayama #1 and Itadaita, it is up to you.


(Left)(Upper right)Giant run (Lower right)#5 pair lift

Another great off-piste course is the Giant run (length 500 m, gradient: Avg. 30°). Access to this course is via the Cortina #5 pair lift, which begins operations around 30 min after other lifts. This provides a second chance at enjoying extensive fresh powder after experiencing the Hiedayama # 1/2/3 and Itadaira runs.

Hakuba Cortina's tree runs


Tree run areas of the Hakuba Cortina are also very attractive, since these are concentrated on north-facing slopes and the separation of the trees is relatively wide. The Cortina's off-piste rules are not as stringent as those of other Hakuba ski resorts, skiing outside of the marked courses is permitted in a "self responsible area." This means one can ski almost anywhere in the resort, except for a few prohibited areas. With few exceptions, tree runs are prohibited in other resorts in Hakuba.

Beginner and Intermediate slopes at the Hakuba Cortina


Ikenoda slope is wide, gentle, main slope of Cortina

For beginners and intermediates, two courses are recommended: the Hiedayama forest run (length:2,025 m, gradient: Avg.7°) and the Ikenoda slope (length: 1125m, gradient: Avg.10°), with a combined length of nearly 3,500 m. From the Hiedayama forest course, one can enjoy panoramic mountain views and the beautiful forest ambience, while the Ikenoda slope is a wide and gentle course in front of the hotel and ski center.


Well maintained Warabi Daira run

The Warabidaira slope (length: 830m, gradient: Avg.14°) is linked with the Hakuba Norikura ski resort. It is a suitable run for intermediates because of its moderate incline and a width that allows for comfortable long turns.

Hakuba Cortina's basic information

Lift ticket charge

TypeAdults 6~12 year oldunder 5 years old
1 Day JPY4,200 JPY2,600Free
4 hours JPY3,200 JPY2,000Free

Common ticket Cortina/Haku-nori

TypeAdult 6~12 year oldunder 5 years old
1 Day JPY5,000 JPY3,500Free



TEL(from Overseas)



12860-1,Chikuni,Otari-mura,Kitaazumi-gun,Nagano 399-9422

Access to Hakuba Cortina


From Tokyo, the most well-known path to reach the Hakuba Cortina is through a combination of train and bus transit via Nagano station. The high- speed train (Hokuriku Shinkansen) from Tokyo to Nagano takes approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes, followed by a 1hour 30 minute bus ride to the ski resort. The bus is operated by the Hotel Green Plaza and advance booking is required. Please bear in mind that the express bus operated by ALPICO from Nagano station doesn't stop at the Hakuba Cortina. A shuttle bus service (the "Otari shuttle bus") from central Hakuba village is available, with a one way fare of JPY510. This journey takes approximately 40 minutes from Happo Bus terminal. Additionally, a free shuttle bus service from the nearest JR (Japan Railways) station is also available (Minami-Otari station is not for Shinkansen, but it is for JR local trains and several limited express trains. The journey from Shinjuku to Minami-Otari takes 4 to 5 hours.)

Hakuba Cortina's accommodation


The Hakuba Cortina features a large, western style, ski-in, ski-out hotel, the Hotel Green Plaza Hakuba. The hotel has 257 Japanese-western combo rooms, with western beds as well as tatami (woven-straw). A restaurant and ski rental shop are part of the the hotel, while hot springs (Onsen) are also available. Taking advantage of the shuttle bus service from central Hakuba, the Cortina can be enoyed as part of a day trip from Hakuba village.